Thursday, March 1, 2018

Our Cards Have Arrived

As promised, our cards have arrived and they look very much like insurance cards. These are the cards we probably missed in the mail the first time. As we’ve discussed, our healthcare providers don’t utilize them so for now they’ll stay in our pockets. Nonetheless, it’s nice to see what things look like. I hope you enjoy the photography.


  1. I was traveling and recently had a ER visit at a large hospital in TX. The hospital billing department accepted my Liberty Healthshare card and treated it like any other insurance policy in terms of billing. They did request a voluntary "deposit" of $180 when I was discharged. Liberty negotiated (aka repriced) the initial $7K bill down to about $1K. My only complaint in this whole process is the delays of payments from Liberty. Medical providers get antsy when bills go unpaid for 60 days and some automatically go to collections at 90 days. Liberty seems to take a minimum of 60 days to cut a check, meanwhile I'm getting bills in the mail demanding payment or else.

  2. I have experienced that as well but most bills have been processed quickly. I have used LHS for a year with no problems, we are a healthy family but recently dealt with a broken arm and appendics surgery.