Sunday, December 17, 2017

Acceptance and Getting Started

Our approval to Liberty arrived with little fanfare in an e-mail on the Monday following the weekend we submitted our application. You will receive an e-mail below with your member number (removed in the image below) and your effective date. Your enrollment in Liberty begins on the first day of the month following your approval date. In this case we were approved on 12/11/2017 so our effective date was 1/1/2018, which works out perfectly with the expiration of our current plan. Your new friends Olivia and Ronnie welcome you with a brief video explaining what to expect to start your membership.

A day after the initial approval information you can expect to receive an e-mail with a bit more information on your membership. The e-mail below arrives and provides more information about your membership. It essentially summarizes the fact you’ll have cards arriving in the mail, what to do if a medical need arises and how payments will be processed.

Under the “More questions about your account?” section there is a link to access your Sharebox as well as information on pre-existing conditions, which is consistent with what we learned prior to joining.   

While none of these e-mails are particularly thrilling our purpose here is to be as transparent with the process as possible so others considering this move understand what happens step-by-step. As of 12/17/2017 we have not received either our Liberty member cards or SavNet cards. We will share a post once we receive these items.