Sunday, December 10, 2017


The purpose of this simple blog is to document our experience with Liberty Healthshare. Prior to signing up for healthcare sharing with Liberty my wife and I conducted research about the experiences of others with Liberty. It was difficult to find a detailed assessment beyond Google reviews and posts on blogs, which tended to lack a description of the entire experience and answers to questions I was interested in. When my wife and I decided to sign-up for Liberty, which we acknowledge was a risk, we decided to chronicle our experience so others can understand the details first hand. We will continue to keep this blog updated with our experience and welcome any questions you may have. We will answer those we can based on where we are in the process. We hope sharing this information is helpful to others assessing Liberty Healthshare as an option for their healthcare needs.

This blog is not a place for discussion on the state of healthcare in the United States, but a fact based, independent assessment of our experience with Liberty Healthshare for the benefit of others who may be considering this option. I am not an employee of Liberty Healthshare nor do I know a single person who works at the company. You will experience, our experience, as it occurs.