Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Application Process

Enrollment was facilitated online and was fairly straightforward. After providing basic personal information (name, age, weight, height) for myself and my family you answered a number of questions meant to screen for pre-existing conditions. A couple questions I had to research prior and took a little extra time:
  • Weight, height for our boys (ok, this might be top of mind for others but I honestly had no idea…my answer would have been “normal kid size” but apparently that’s not specific enough)
  • Last physical with labs – I knew the answer for me but the rest of the family was iffy
I researched these and came up with answers that were probably close enough for filling out the application but just a heads up that these questions exist. After completing the questionnaire your answers are automatically transferred to the actual Liberty HealthShare application. You will then be prompted to utilize DocuSign and electronically sign each part of the application (you and spouse if applicable). 

For the most part the application represents the questions you previously filled out but I recommend reading the fine print so you understand what you are signing. We found the fine print consistent with our understanding of what we were, and were not, signing up for.