Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Process According to Liberty

After speaking with my health provider I called Liberty to explain what had been shared. I learned the following through that conversation (some of what was available in collateral on their website):
  • Prior to undergoing any significant procedures, there is an obligation to contact Liberty and notify them of the procedure that will occur. Upon hearing from the customer that a procedure will be performed Liberty contacts the provider to discuss pricing and attempt to negotiate prices.
  • I asked specifically, about a scenario in which the discount offered a self-pay customer at a medical provider is not as high as Liberty would like. For example, the scenario I mentioned in my last post where I receive a discount of 35% as a self-pay customer but Liberty feels the discount would be 50%. I was assured Liberty would pay the bill that is submitted even if they did not have the chance to negotiate.
  • The average time for reimbursement from the time they receive a bill to the time the customer receives money is 30-45 days on average.
I’m looking forward to documenting how things work out against the expectations that were described. We are detailed oriented people so I feel we will have a good process in place to receive bills and submit payment.