Tuesday, February 20, 2018

About Those ID Cards (for all of your anxiously waiting)

Again, not that failing to receive our Liberty ID cards will prevent us from receiving medical care I did want to provide a little update on this. As of our last update we still had not received our ID cards so after giving it a few more weeks I did place a call to Liberty today. The good news is I reached a human within under a minute and they were very engaged. The gentleman I spoke to was friendly, looked up our account information and noted that while we should have received them he’ll gladly have new cards sent immediately. Perhaps we missed them in the mail (oops, we could have!). I’ll take a picture using my high-end photography skills as soon as we get our new cards. So for those of you becoming new members in the future – if you don’t get your cards within the first 3-4 weeks just give them a call (hope you enjoyed that bit of rocket science)!

In other news, we have our first doctor appointments under Liberty upcoming. They are both fairly routine – one for my son and one for my wife. Stay tuned for an update on how the process goes down and how we rate the experience!