Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A Quick Note on the Very First Bill we Submitted

We forgot to share a quick story related to the very first bill we submitted this year – for my oldest son’s wellness visit. The bill submission to Liberty was rejected because they said we still had traditional health insurance and they wouldn’t reimburse us if we had traditional health insurance. We have no idea where this came from. The only way we found out was that we called to follow-up on why the reimbursement was taking so long and they indicated the bill wasn’t going to be reimbursed because we still had the insurance. If we would not have called we would have never known and continued to submit bills (another example where better communication during bill processing would save a ton of time). They seemed to indicate we should have received a notice in the mail but we never did.

In response to this, we needed to call our old insurance company and have them prepare a letter showing that our policy expired before we joined Liberty (there was no overlap). We submitted this to Liberty to get the situation cleared up. We only share this story so that you can double check whether you need to submit this type of letter upon joining. We saw no such notice at the time of joining and we are detailed enough to chronicle our experience here. Point is, double check.