Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Update on the Cost of Prescription Drugs

We’ve mentioned in previous posts that your membership to Liberty comes with access to the SavNet prescription savings card. We just wanted to provide an update on whether we’ve found this useful. Fortunately, our prescription drug needs have remained very basic: a routine prescription for my wife and medicine for a couple of minor issues for my 4-year-old. What we’ve noticed is that as a self-pay customer the pharmacy generally has their own discount card that was better than SavNet. We also realized it pays to call around when you have a higher cost prescription. One of my son’s prescriptions was over a little over $100 at most of the local pharmacies (within a $10-15 range of each other) but then the pharmacist at the local grocery store checked for us and found a discount that took the price down to $40. We had known about GoodRx before but hadn’t thought to check it out.

In our experience, the SavNet discount card won’t earn you a more significant discount than those that can be provided by the pharmacy or GoodRx. Of course, this may vary by prescription and location so give it a try but this was our experience!