Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Our 2019 Liberty Option

Despite the fact we started with Liberty Healthshare, and most of our earliest posts provide a tremendous amount of detail on Liberty, it’s worth rehashing the highlights as we head into 2019 (as a formality at least!). The main thing that’s changed is the cost so let’s compare last year to where things currently stand:

Monthly Share Amount
(Comparable to the Monthly Premium)
Annual Unshared Amount
(AUA – Comparable to the Deductible)
$450 for a family with parents 30-64 years old
$1,500 for a family
$529 for a family with parents 30-64 years old
$2,250 for a family

Note: There is a $75 annual renewal fee as well.

Beyond the change in price there aren’t many changes for 2019:

  • $1M per incident is eligible for sharing
  • Pre-existing conditions are not covered in the first year but coverage can be phased in over multiple years (see guidelines)
  • Prescription drug coverage is not included (although the SaveNet program offers a discount we found less competitive than programs already offered by name brand pharmacies and GoodRx.com.

This is a quick recap of the plan that we would go with from Liberty Healthshare. If you are an individual, couple, or interested in plans from Liberty you can find a lot more details by visiting Liberty’s website.

Are you considering Liberty in 2019? If so, do you have any questions or concerns you’d like feedback on? If so, leave a question and we’ll try to answer it (and if we can’t I’m sure someone else will)!