Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Case of the Missing Liberty Reimbursements

Well, we called Liberty again to check in on two checks that, according to our ShareBox, had been issued to us on November 1. We verified our address with the woman we spoke to and everything matched perfectly. At the time of our call, we were about 3 weeks out from when Liberty (according to their own records) issued the check. Naturally, the US Postal Service was blamed for the delay. It must’ve gotten lost in the mail is becoming the equivalent of the dog ate my homework. The good news is it looks like our call on November 20 triggered activity on a third payment, which was sent on November 21, per our ShareBox. Thus, we’re set up for an interesting experiment – which reimbursement will arrive first? Will either arrive at all? These are the same payments we had to call about just to get processed (so it took a while to just get the checks issued…assuming they actually were).

When we asked if they could just cancel the checks and re-issue new checks we were told that the policy is to wait 60 days before new checks could be issued. Naturally, that policy couldn’t be adjusted in this situation (it is, after all, a “policy”) so we continue our wait. If they weren’t issued, and it’s a way to conserve cash, we were hoping our call might have triggered some action.

On a side note, according to Google Maps, we are exactly 50 miles from Liberty Healthshare’s HQ’s – these aren’t being sent cross country. Of course, we pride ourselves on trying to be balanced…it’s possible the checks did get lost in the mail so we’ll keep you updated.