Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Latest Status of our Liberty Reimbursements

As we mentioned in our October updates we are still waiting for reimbursement for a few medical bills that were related to wellness visits. Liberty reimburses these visits up to $400, per person, per year. Just a quick update to let you know as of November 7 we are still waiting for reimbursement (the physical check). When we called Liberty they were surprised our bills were still sitting there without movement and promised to move quickly. For at least one of the bills, they indicated a check for reimbursement was sent on October 25. The problem is we haven’t even received that reimbursement.

We did receive a couple more ambiguous e-mails indicating bills are being “processed” but, as mentioned before, the status of bills in your ShareBox don’t tell you much. Coincidentally, during our last call our representative seemed to indicate that the official “clock” for reimbursement begins once your bill is “Processed”. Thus, the status Liberty shares may be a bit misleading because, at least in our case, it took a long time to even get to the “Processed” state. Hopefully we’ll receive our checks soon but to give you a sense of how long you may have to wait, these were for Summer visits and we are approaching Thanksgiving!

Liberty has made it clear they are working hard to improve their reimbursement turnaround and everyone we spoke to was very nice! We don’t doubt they are working hard, but trying is different than making it happen. Of course, this is our unique experience, others may have had better luck! We are hopeful Liberty turns their hard work into reality soon!