Thursday, December 6, 2018

A Check has Arrived

For those following along with our Case of the Missing Reimbursements, we can confirm that we received one of our checks. It looks like the check sent on November 21 successfully worked its way through the postal system to our mailbox. No sign of the other two checks Liberty indicates were sent. It looks like those were truly “lost in the mail”. Although it is certainly a little curious that a check sent by Liberty, to the same address, presumably using the same process, was delivered to us successfully despite the other checks not arriving.

Since I’m a naturally curious person I Googled, “how often do things get lost in the mail”. I could not find a perfect answer but most references cited somewhere south of 1%. Thus, what extremely bad luck that the checks lost in this case are for someone who decided to chronicle their entire experience on a blog (but in fairness, a blog that might not have the most impressive reach)! To be balanced it's possible that 99% of Liberty customers (per the odds) have no issue ever with payments getting lost in the mail. We’ll stay on the case and let you know when we find those missing payments!