Sunday, March 24, 2019

Final Update and What's Next

A quick post to let you know what we've been up to since the start of 2019. As documented we moved to a short-term health insurance plan from United Healthcare. We had our first appointment (a wellness visit for one of our children) and the plan worked as it should. We received a discounted rate based on United Healthcare's negotiated rate with our healthcare provider then, based on our plan's structure, paid the difference via a bill we received from the healthcare provider. It was nice to experience the simplicity of an insurer that works with our healthcare provider once again. 

As far as our relationship with Liberty, although we are no longer members we are still trying to obtain reimbursements for our 2018 bills. Unfortunately the level of complication, even for a flu shot reimbursement, has reinforced our decision to move on. The level of stress we would feel working with Liberty on an extensive medical procedure is not worth the monetary savings. At this point, we have essentially written off receiving reimbursement for our remaining expenses. We'll continue trying but feel it's more likely reimbursement will never come...or will just come very slowly.

What Happens to this Blog?

Based on our own searches this blog remains one of the most detailed accounts of a family working with Liberty. For that reason, we will keep the blog live so others can utilize this information in making an informed decision on their health insurance choice. Regardless of when you arrive here, if you have any questions feel free to use the Contact Us button. We continue to research health insurance options for the self-employed and enjoy hearing from readers. Best wishes for your on-going health and wellness!

Quick Update: Our flu shot bills got sent to a collection agency because Liberty has still not paid. We quickly paid the bills through the collection agency. I have written off any reimbursements from Liberty. Folks, this was flu shots...flu shots! What would happen to you if it was something serious?

Another Update: In what will go down as the most surprising trip to the mailbox in recent history we received a reimbursement check from Liberty last week. Now, the downside is we received the payment in June of 2019, a full six months after we stopped using Liberty and countless months after the actual expense. That said, we did get a check. We still need to see which of our un-reimbursed expenses it was covering but, hey, we give credit where credit is due...and we did get a check!