Would we Recommend Liberty?

We recognize not everyone will have time to read the detail of our full experience. Thus, we developed this page to give you our current perspective on Liberty in a streamlined matter. 

Our Final Perspective

We would not recommend Liberty. After experiencing a year working with Liberty we would not trust that a complex medical situation would be covered by Liberty. This is based on the number of challenges we had obtaining reimbursement for even the most basic medical needs (ex. annual wellness visits for our children and flu shots). Below are the most significant challenges we experienced:

Communication is poor – Once your bill is submitted we found that communication as to what is happening with your bill was non-existent. We had to call far to often to understand what was going on and in a couple cases, we learned they were waiting for something from us…but how were we to know. You will not know what is occurring with any of your bills.

Operational inefficiency – This relates closely to the previous point. Our feeling is that Liberty is a growing organization that cannot cope with a larger user base. A growing user base means interacting with more customers, more healthcare providers, having to process more bills, answer more questions – a higher degree of variation. The calls we had with Liberty were maddening - confusion, person A at Liberty not sure why person B at Liberty did what they did, lots of sighs and trying to figure things out. It does not instill confidence...and this was for a flu shot!

Our healthcare providers not working directly with Liberty – Since we were recognized as self-pay customers we must pre-pay for medical appointments, go through an inevitable reconciliation of what we pre-paid vs. the actual cost, then submit a bill to Liberty. As we’ve clearly documented, navigating the back-office of a major medical provider is tedious at best.

This website provides far more detail than I've seen in prior reviews of Liberty. This is not a perspective based on one or two experiences - we documented our full-year experience. We would not recommend Liberty.


  1. thank you for this! we are a healthy family of 3 looking to transition to a healthshare program of some sort. I have read so many reviews that my eyeballs hurt - your site has been sooo helpful,I really appreciate you taking the time to write it.I think Liberty could work for us but it does feel a bit scary making the leap from the traditional ways...Thank you

  2. Glad you are finding value in this content! A lot of the reviews we saw seemed to almost be referral links to Liberty and I wanted to make sure we documented the reality in detail. This way people can go into the experience with the right expectations! Good luck in the last 10 days of open enrollment 2018!

  3. Thank you for all your experiences. My wife and I have been with Liberty only since Feb 2019, and we are already beginning to regret the experience, but we the problem is that we have no alternatives.

    We have called about five times to ask about how our plan is supposed to work, and we get contradictory answers every time. One operator tells us that a certain bill was already processed, another says that it was not, another tells us that whatever we self-paid was final, another tells us that that bill was negotiated and "re-priced," and that Liberty is supposed to send us the difference. Five months have passed and we still have no info on that one bill.

    In fact, their system recognizes my telephone number when I call, and pulls up the account, so don't think you can make any anonymous or hypothetical questions without their knowing all the details up front.

    So, then, if you do not recommend Liberty, which insurance organization DO you recommend?

    1. Hi - thanks for the comment! Since the start of this year we have been using a short term health insurance plan from United Healthcare. I have a few blog posts from October/November of last year explaining the plan, what we compared and our choice. We have been very pleased with our current plan. Works as described, which is all we could hope for after our Liberty experience. Good luck!